Homestead Consultation

We now offer Homesteading consultation and coaching! Just getting started in homesteading? Would you like one on one instruction in everything from setting up and deciding what to put where, setting goals for your homestead, gardening, livestock care, canning and preserving, fermenting and so much more? Use our 15+ years of experience to give you a jumpstart, add new skills to your homestead toolbox and avoid all the "I wish we would have known!" whoopsies!

Topics include but are not limited to:

Homestead/Permaculture Design (what goes where and why)

How to Select a Homestead Property (what to look for to be successful)

Gardening (Raised Beds, Square foot, intensive planting, companion planting, you name it, we teach it. We will select an approach that will be successful in your specific situation.)

Animal Husbandry (meat, fiber and dairy goats, poultry, meat and fiber rabbits, pigs, and honey bees)

Canning (water bath and pressure canning from start to finish)

Fermentation (vinegars, kombucha, kefir, salt fermentation, and honey fermentation)

How to do Dairy (care, cleanliness, milk handling, making fresh and aged cheese, yogurt and butters)

Medicinal Plants and Herbalism (how to grow, harvest and prepare medicinals) 

How to Process Fiber (getting wool, mohair, and angora fiber ready to spin)

Fiber Arts (spinning and weaving focused with mini talks on knitting crocheting and quilting)

Building a Rainwater Catchment System ( and more things you can do with IBC totes!)

Homestead Building (Pallets anyone?)

Firewood How To (How much do you need and how to get from tree to stove)

Butchering and Processing Animals (rabbits, poultry, goats and pigs)

Charcuterie (Meat preservation)


Consultation will be offered via ZOOM. Onsite visits will be available as well for an additional fee plus travel expenses. This service must be scheduled in advance, we do have a homestead to tend after all. Initial 15 to 20 minute phone call to find out your needs and decide on focus is included. Consultation runs $50 per hour with a one hour minimum. Send us a message for more details and to book yours!