Our Story

Many moons ago, my husband and I bought a cozy log cabin with a beautiful bit of land on the outskirts of Hanover, Pennsylvania with the dream of building ourselves a little homestead. We took to homesteading like fish to water and soon we had a sprawling garden and a little orchard with far too many things in it and more chickens for eggs than one family could possibly need....so we started selling the excess. Jams, veggies, dozens of eggs, a few chicks in the spring...AND WE LOVED IT! Being able to produce our own food AND give our local community a source for fresh produce, preserved goodies, and eggs was, and still is, a great joy to us. So, when a dear friend asked us why we didn't have goats for milk, we really didn't have a good answer for her! Up went the fence, up went the barn and we were gifted with 4 pregnant boer does. We fell in love immediately. I mean, full disclosure, goats are a lot of work, and due to their big personalities and penchant for shenanigans can be a GINORMOUS pain in the...well... you know, but I would not trade it for anything. We learned a ton those first few years about goats, caring for livestock, love and working as a team, plus more than most people ever want to know about the birthing process ;-) A year later we added Kiko does. Kikos are a meat breed with a dairy background. Because of that dairy influence they produce much more milk than our boers did....gallons of it...daily. We are homesteaders, and that means waste is a capital sin...so we had to figure out what to do with all this milk! We learned to make cheese (goat Swiss is quite possibly the best thing on the planet) but even that wasn't enough. So I learned to make soap. I found my passion! It is the perfect marriage of science and creativity for me. The process of making soap is quite intricate and can be dangerous if attention is not paid to the details. This keeps me focused. However, there is also the ability to make endless colors and designs, and that's not even including the SCENTS! I have always had a "nose" for scents. I've been a perfume junkie for years, and making soap has given me the opportunity to create my own palette of scents to paint with. With an extensive working knowledge of herbalism as well, it is my goal to create products that are not only super effective at their function, whether that is promoting a calming sleep, moisturizing the skin, increasing mental clarity, or simply giving you a clean wash with exceptional silky smooth lather and an amazing scent that will take you on a journey in the shower, but also ethically sourced, locally where possible and a sheer joy to use. My love for creating and experimentation led me to create lotions, which led to skin salveations, our heavy duty balms for cracked skin. My husband bemoaned that all I made was "girly" stuff (Never mind that he now uses my soap exclusively since it controls his acne and keeps his oily skin in check...) so I mastered beard balms and offer them in lovely masculine scents. Then I went on to create our wonderful sugar scrubs which exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize all in one product and you know what? I can't make a batch of it without him sneaking off with a jar! We also offer a Goat's Milk French Clay Face Mask! Newest to the line up is our hand blended Teas, all sustainablly sourced and where possible, using ingredients grown right here on the homestead. We also offer Satin and angora rabbits, handwoven items, honey in season and who knows what else in the future.  I am passionate about growing and creating products that improve peoples lives and touch peoples senses!
Thank you for allowing me to share my passion with you!

Land Of Nod Farm