Inception Beard Balm

Land of Nod Farm

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Inception Beard Balm

Our beard balms are blended by hand using the perfect combination of oils, waxes and scent to give your beard the nourishing, conditioning hold it needs. No more face hair flyaways, no more itchy skin, and regular use of the balm will give you softer and less brittle hair, which makes for a fuller, more manageable beard. Simply scrape the amount needed out with a thumbnail and warm it between your palms. Once it is liquid, massage it into a damp beard and shape or comb it as you desire.

Scented in Inception:

An elegant cascade...carelessly traverse into the forest of dusk, across soft beds of Emerald Moss, enshrouded within the embrace of Night Lilies and Somnifer Poppies.... The hint of spice infuses the air via the presence of fresh Patchouli and Black Pepper, coalescing into a dream within a dream....

Inception is the very first scent we created. The scent is beyond description, but some highlights are sweet black pepper and patchouli. This a scent full of depth and spices.

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